You never left.


Homesickness has been rattling me pretty hard as of lately. I dearly miss my family, friends, my cats, the Washington seasons, the ocean, and the Pacific Northwest. I’m even missing things I never thought I would miss. The West Coast is where I belong. All the while, I’m needing constant reminders of why I am even here. Everything I formerly knew is across the country. I guess this is another way that God is preparing me for the mission field.

I haven’t been running to Him lately; and that makes all the difference. It gives the devil a foothold, an opportunity to whisper lies into my head. Lies that come in the form of doubt and fear. Lies that ask me why I am even here.

Spirit calm my soul.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

-2nd Timothy 1:7

He has been there the whole time. Waiting with arms wide open.

I am here to become the best vessel I can possibly be for my Savior. I am here to train as well I can to be the best prepared I can be to share the gospel with those who have never had a chance to hear it. I am here training to plant churches and make disciples.

It isn’t too late, you can still return to me with all your heart.

-Joel 2:12

I am here because He has called me here; and He will not leave me in the storm.