I have attempted at seven jobs since I have been here in Waukesha going to school.


And not a single one has worked out.

From no calls back to even as far as an attempted scam on me, they have all been to no avail. With plenty of years of experience in the respective fields, I’m still left dumbfounded as to why these employment opportunities just aren’t working. It sure isn’t resulting from a lack of experience or skill.
It found me breaking down and mad at God, questioning why He would bring me this far only to send me back across the country to go home. I was out of money and out of options that were in my grasp. It was in that moment that God whispered to me, “you’ve been doing this on your own for too long”.

Up until this point, just about all of my schooling here at New Tribes Bible Institute was paid for by money I had earned from working previous to coming to school here. When you start working and paying for most of your own expenses at 14, you learn to support yourself and do it all on your own.

God had brought me to a point of complete dependence upon Him for my finances which was manifested in the support of the Body of Christ. Never in my life have I leaned so heavily on the support of my fellow believers, and even nonbelievers. This is a lesson that was going to be learned one way or another, seeing that it is such an integral part of being a missionary. I am here by the grace of God & up ’til this point it seems that this is where He wants me.