Support Letter for YWAM Gold Coast

Dear friends,
I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have been accepted to join a program in September of 2016 by the name of Aletheia. This program is run by Youth With a Mission [YWAM] & is located on the Gold Coast of Australia. I have felt God calling me to this for quite some time now & feel like it would be the perfect fit for my future in missions & in ministry. This program will focus on creative arts & music in ministry and evangelism, but also on how to lead worship in cross-cultural contexts. Aletheia is a year-long program, but only 6 months of that time will actually be spent in Australia, because there are two 3-month long mission trips included to destinations that we don’t know of yet & will be decided after prayer.
I have felt called to missions ever since I was on a mission trip to work with the homeless in Vancouver, B.C. when I was a freshman in high school. It was right in the middle of downtown Vancouver, working with a homeless woman who was heavily addicted to drugs, that God told me that missions was what I was put on this earth for.
Following God’s leading is one of the most exciting & fulfilling things that could ever be done, but not without difficulty. I am in need of others partnering with me in ministry by praying for me & supporting me. I would be more than grateful for any form of support, & I have included a list of prayer requests.
1) God’s provision financially
2) Safety during travels to/from Australia & to/from mission trip destinations & in those countries
3) Preparation of not only the hearts of the people we are reaching, but also the hearts of us as students to learn and apply what was taught on mission trips and in Australia

For more information on Aletheia, you can go to
If you feel led to support me financially, you can donate online at or message me for my address.
I am confident that if God is calling me to this then He will provide, although that comes in many different forms. I thank you for prayerfully considering this. I will continue to update my blog at with how my time leading up to the trip is going & how the program is going.
Love, Rachel Patton