The Road to Oz


I still can’t believe it. My mind can’t wrap itself around the fact that I’m moving across the globe to do what I’m passionate about. How many people are that lucky? God has taken my dreams beyond anything I could ever have even begun to imagine. A few years ago, I trusted God when He took me to go to school in Oregon. Then I followed Him to Wisconsin. I’m beginning to think that He gives me greater things each time I show Him that I can be trusted with the smaller things He has given me. This time He’s bringing me all the way to Australia! I’ll be in the air on my way to the Gold Coast of Australia in 16 days, with layovers in San Fransisco, California & Auckland, New Zealand. Besides figuring out the little things needed to do before moving to another country, I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack. I will be getting an Australian phone number after getting a local SIM card, so I will update everyone with that, as well as my new mailing address.


  • Issue-free & safe traveling
  • Preparation of heart


  • I am fully funded!