A New Season


I’m the type of person who likes to have their life generally planned out. I take what God has told me or called me to and fill in the rest with my ideas and plans. And sometimes God likes to mess with those plans of mine. Let me tell you of a time when He did just that. I followed God to the Gold Coast of Australia for a year to join YWAM (Youth With a Mission) to do a Music and Creative Arts Discipleship Training School for six months then a School of Worship for the remaining six months. Here I am after six months, yet there is no School of Worship. Due to various reasons, they are unable to run one at this time. My options were to return home or stay and do a program called C4CM and staff here at YWAM. Immediately God spoke to me that He wanted me to stay here in Australia. In other words, God told me to stay and do C4CM and staff. God put it on my heart to staff ever since before I even applied to come and upon arriving, He made it clear to me that this is home. I knew I would be here for a while. So this is my way of telling you all that I will be coming on as a staff member here at YWAM Gold Coast and will be here until at least April 2019 (don’t worry, I can come home and visit- Lord willing). The program I will be doing is a Certificate 4 in Christian Missions with the Worship Track. In this program, we will receive some excellent instruction on biblical leadership, have opportunities to develop our gifting as we serve others like Jesus did, and finally- be mentored and coached in a supportive Christian environment. I chose the Worship Track so I will be focusing on worship leading and the different aspects of that, as well as how to be a true worshiper of the One who truly deserves it. As far as staffing goes, I will be base staff (I’m not sure what kind of things I will be doing around the base) and I hope to staff other schools like the one I just did, as well as a School of Worship after actually participating in one. It seems that God kind of took my plans of doing the School of Worship and then staffing and rearranged them a bit. I’m fully open to His plans for me and am so excited to begin this adventure He has called me on. I would love for you to join me on this journey by continually lifting me up in prayer as well as financially supporting me if you feel led to. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting me so far in this journey, words can’t express the difference it’s making in my life and in the others around me.


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