Adventures in Africa


Flying into Johannesburg, South Africa

Fresh off the plane, jet-lagged & more than thrilled to see the other team again. This was us a little over two weeks ago. Now we’re saying goodbyes & reminiscing of our days abroad. My team was in Moree, New South Wales which is in the Outback of Australia. After a week there, we were back in the Gold Coast for a day and then traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa for two weeks. From Johannesburg we hopped in a van for 4.5 hours to Mbabane, Swaziland & stayed there for a week before driving a half hour to our next location of Manzini, Swaziland where we stayed the remainder of the eight weeks. We had no idea what to expect or what kind of ministry we would be doing so we were ready for anything, really. Our ministry throughout the whole of outreach was mainly working with children. We would spend time with the children in the park in Johannesburg. Mbabane found us praying over & encouraging children & their mothers in a hospital. We also found kids along the way during our ministry times in local villages to play with. In Manzini, we stayed in an orphanage so the children living there were our ministry & our other location in Manzini was in the perfect spot to visit a local preschool regularly. In our first location in Moree, most of what we did was focused on working with the Aboriginals and we did things there such as prepping food, delivering¬† food, spending time with, and having an outreach barbeque with them that included worship, skits, testimonies, and a message. Another ministry we were involved in was the renovation of a big room in the Johannesburg YWAM base we were staying in that was used for the kids as a part of the ministry they do. We also did things like worship in the park that led to evangelism & street evangelism in both South Africa & Swaziland. We did ministry going to the houses and spending time with the grandmas, mothers, and vulnerable women of Mbabane. In our time off from ministry, we would do things like hike massive hills, hike to waterfalls & swim, or go to the local markets. We even did the ropes course as a team at YWAM Swaziland. We saw God work in so many ways that continually blew our minds. Not only were the people we came in contact with affected, but we were as well. We each individually grew so much, not to mention, as a team & saw God preparing our character & hearts for a life of ministry. Even if we don’t become missionaries or go into full-time ministry, we will carry what we learned & experienced on DTS & on outreach into our homes & daily lives because our homes are our first mission field.


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