Wanted: Monthly Supporters

0329171240aI’ve been here on the Gold Coast for about a month now after returning from outreach in Africa (so about five months total). I can barely even begin to explain the growth I’ve expeienced since following God’s call to Australia. I have learned so much about who I am in Christ, trusting God for every little thing, praying with expectancy, interceding for others & have recently gotten a huge passion for worship & discipling others. And that’s just a small bit of it. It is my goal to bring others into the presence of God. I long to help others become true worshipers of Christ & in turn, make other worshipers. I am now on staff here with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Gold Coast & I will be working in administration & being a part of the worship crew. I also hope to staff Discipleship Training Schools (like the one I just did) & Schools of Worship (after first participating in one myself). Other ministry we are involved in as a base is beach sports, where we head to the main beach of nearby Surfer’s Paradise to set up volleyball & soccer to invite people to play & share Christ with them. We also have coffee van, where we go to the close city of Southport & set up a table with free pastries, coffee, tea, & hot chocolate to spend time with & share the love of God with people. YWAM is focused on making disciples & sending them out to the nations to proclaim His name & I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of that.

Here at YWAM we are missionaries & do not receive pay, so we have supporters to help keep us here ministering to the Gold Coast & to the nations. I would love to have you join me in the work I will be doing here in Gold Coast & beyond by supporting me in prayer & financially. I have broken down my costs to give you an idea of what the support I receive will go towards.

I have also made a poster with all of the continents plus Greenland on it to represent the amount I need in monthly support. Each continent (including Greenland) represents $100. They are divided into four parts, making each 1/4 of a continent represent $25. Altogether the world represents my monthly supported needed of $800. If you would like to commit to supporting me monthly for the two years (or more) that I am here, you can grab a slot on a continent for $25. You can have as many slots as you would like & can even pick which continent if you’re feelin’ zesty. I also have a few one-time costs shown below, if you’d like to cover any of those. Any amount you can give is very helpful & genuinely means so much to me.

Any support can be sent to 19318 22nd Ave NW Stanwood, WA 98292 (USA), donated on my gofundme here, or donated to YWAM directly here, selecting ‘staff fees’ & putting my name in the notes section. Please let me know if you’re interested in supporting me in any way by messaging me on facebook or on my phone so I can give you a spot on my map. Thanks for reading!



Rent/Utilities: $450

Food: $150

Random Extra Expenses (toiletries, school supplies, medicine, etc.): $200

Total: $800



C4CM Course Fees: $500

Estimated Visa Cost: $550

Health Insurance: $1,000

Total: $2,050


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