u p d a t e from Goldie

IMG_5925These past few weeks have been pretty heccas, with people coming & people going. That’s the thing about YWAM though, is you get used to goodbyes & hellos. Constantly. Since moving back in to my original house here, everyone has moved out & I have a whole new group of housemates.

Lately, God has been taking me through a couple different things, most recently stewarding my heart & calling out the gold in people. He has been speaking to me about checking on the state of my heart & making sure that I’m not harboring anything unhealthy for it’s being. I have been feeling God calling me to call up the good in people as of late & I am trying to make it a point to do so. We’re in quite a slow season right now here at YWAM Gold Coast because we are in between Discipleship Training Schools, so we have been able to build deeper relationships as staff members (as there aren’t that many of us), which is so nice & crucial to the unity of our base.

Last week, I was in Toowoomba (a two hour drive away) for a week of staff training, where we learned a lot about the heart behind what we do & we were able to dream with God for our upcoming DTS & what he wants for it. It was a really nice & very necessary time of refreshment for us in the mountains of Toowoomba. I had been wanting to go camping pretty badly in the time leading up to it & where we were came pretty close. Folks, God definitely sees the desires of our hearts & longs to give those to us as we seek Him.

I am currently in a season of processing with God, as the path I thought God had for me here is continuing to change shape. Our worship department leader (& the one who leads worship track & School of Worship) is transitioning out of YWAM in October so we are seeking God’s heart for the situation & where to go next with it.

I still have the same amount of support coming in monthly, at around $285 USD ($381 AUD), so I am still in great need of more financial support coming in monthly. The support amount I currently have is not enough to cover just rent, let alone groceries. I have acquired both overseas health insurance & paid for my visa, which I have been waiting on for a month to be approved (it can take up to four months).



-I have been able to adventure almost every weekend (which is a huge deal, if you know me)

-I have been growing immensely in my worship leading & guitar

-I got to go to a DTS Foundations Workshop at our base in Toowoomba, which was informational & very refreshing


-That my visa would be approved quickly so I won’t have to worry about any of that when I am on holiday at home

-That I would gain more support monthly so that I can stay at YWAM Gold Coast, reaching out to our community here & to the nations

-That my interview coming up to be on staff for the upcoming DTS in October would go well



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