A Day in the Life, Mate


Greetings from the Gold Coast!

I have been living down under for just under 9 months already (although I was in Africa for around 2 1/2 of those months). I’ve been keeping busy with administrative, registrar, & some accounts duties around our base here. I am also part of the worship team, leading worship once a week (or more!) & everything that comes along with that. I am also hoping to staff the Music & Creative Arts Discipleship Training School in October. I realized that as many of you have an idea overall of what I am doing here on the Gold Coast, many of you have no idea what an average day looks like for me.

Every morning we start off gathering as a base, worshiping, praying, & interceding. We spend these times as a community, in the presence of God. From there we head off to our duties, which we call serving circles. With mine being administration, I spend time answering emails of those interested in Discipleship Training Schools or Mission Building (staying & volunteering at the base), hoping to stay at the base, answering phone calls, etc. A majority of our time during the week is spent doing our respective duties, although we have various time slots for class (C4CM), tracks (focus of C4CM-mine is worship), bible study, & ministry circles (also worship). Class for C4CM has a different topic each three month quarter, so right now we are having teachings on the life & ministry of Christ. Our tracks take us through teachings on the track that we have chosen, meaning that myself & the others in the worship track are going through the different aspects & facets of worship leading/worship. In our staff bible study, we are currently making our way through fear of the Lord. For me, ministry circle times are spent planning, practicing, & worshiping. Our evenings are generally filled with the ministries we do here at YWAM Gold Coast, being coffee van & beach sports (which I spoke of in my previous post).


Beach Sports ministry in Surfers Paradise

I am so blessed to have jumped right into what I love & am passionate about. I always loved music growing up, but I never imagined that God would use it in such a big way! God has been increasing my passion for worship & I look forward to doing the next upcoming School of Worship next year. God has placed in me a desire to worship Him with all that I am, bringing people into His presence, but also to make other worshipers. Joining YWAM has really enabled me to fully utilize the gifts God has given me in multiple areas.

But before that rolls around, I hope to staff our Music & Creative Arts Discipleship Training School in October. That will go from October until March, with an outreach included in that span of time.


I currently have $265 of my goal of $800 in monthly support, meaning that I am still in need of people to support me monthly or with one time amounts. If you would like to get an idea of what the support I receive go towards, take a look at my last blog post, which includes a financial breakdown. If you feel that you are to support me in any way, donations can be made on my gofundme here, directly on the YWAM website here (by selecting “staff fees” & putting my name in “reason for payment” section), or can be mailed to 19318 22nd Ave. NW Stanwood, Washington 98292.

I am so grateful for all of the ways I have been cared for & provided for by God but through the people He has set around me. I have been growing exponentially & am so blessed that I get to share this journey with you.



  • that I have $265 in monthly support
  • growth in many areas (worship leading, speaking out what God has spoken to me, & more!)
  • passed my drive test so I can drive the vans owned by the base

Prayer Requests:

  • more financial support coming in ($535 to go!)
  • for the students of the upcoming Music & Creative Arts Discipleship Training School in October (& hopefully staffing it)
  • proper rest in God & in general

Wanted: Monthly Supporters

0329171240aI’ve been here on the Gold Coast for about a month now after returning from outreach in Africa (so about five months total). I can barely even begin to explain the growth I’ve expeienced since following God’s call to Australia. I have learned so much about who I am in Christ, trusting God for every little thing, praying with expectancy, interceding for others & have recently gotten a huge passion for worship & discipling others. And that’s just a small bit of it. It is my goal to bring others into the presence of God. I long to help others become true worshipers of Christ & in turn, make other worshipers. I am now on staff here with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Gold Coast & I will be working in administration & being a part of the worship crew. I also hope to staff Discipleship Training Schools (like the one I just did) & Schools of Worship (after first participating in one myself). Other ministry we are involved in as a base is beach sports, where we head to the main beach of nearby Surfer’s Paradise to set up volleyball & soccer to invite people to play & share Christ with them. We also have coffee van, where we go to the close city of Southport & set up a table with free pastries, coffee, tea, & hot chocolate to spend time with & share the love of God with people. YWAM is focused on making disciples & sending them out to the nations to proclaim His name & I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of that.

Here at YWAM we are missionaries & do not receive pay, so we have supporters to help keep us here ministering to the Gold Coast & to the nations. I would love to have you join me in the work I will be doing here in Gold Coast & beyond by supporting me in prayer & financially. I have broken down my costs to give you an idea of what the support I receive will go towards.

I have also made a poster with all of the continents plus Greenland on it to represent the amount I need in monthly support. Each continent (including Greenland) represents $100. They are divided into four parts, making each 1/4 of a continent represent $25. Altogether the world represents my monthly supported needed of $800. If you would like to commit to supporting me monthly for the two years (or more) that I am here, you can grab a slot on a continent for $25. You can have as many slots as you would like & can even pick which continent if you’re feelin’ zesty. I also have a few one-time costs shown below, if you’d like to cover any of those. Any amount you can give is very helpful & genuinely means so much to me.

Any support can be sent to 19318 22nd Ave NW Stanwood, WA 98292 (USA), donated on my gofundme here, or donated to YWAM directly here, selecting ‘staff fees’ & putting my name in the notes section. Please let me know if you’re interested in supporting me in any way by messaging me on facebook or on my phone so I can give you a spot on my map. Thanks for reading!



Rent/Utilities: $450

Food: $150

Random Extra Expenses (toiletries, school supplies, medicine, etc.): $200

Total: $800



C4CM Course Fees: $500

Estimated Visa Cost: $550

Health Insurance: $1,000

Total: $2,050

Adventures in Africa


Flying into Johannesburg, South Africa

Fresh off the plane, jet-lagged & more than thrilled to see the other team again. This was us a little over two weeks ago. Now we’re saying goodbyes & reminiscing of our days abroad. My team was in Moree, New South Wales which is in the Outback of Australia. After a week there, we were back in the Gold Coast for a day and then traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa for two weeks. From Johannesburg we hopped in a van for 4.5 hours to Mbabane, Swaziland & stayed there for a week before driving a half hour to our next location of Manzini, Swaziland where we stayed the remainder of the eight weeks. We had no idea what to expect or what kind of ministry we would be doing so we were ready for anything, really. Our ministry throughout the whole of outreach was mainly working with children. We would spend time with the children in the park in Johannesburg. Mbabane found us praying over & encouraging children & their mothers in a hospital. We also found kids along the way during our ministry times in local villages to play with. In Manzini, we stayed in an orphanage so the children living there were our ministry & our other location in Manzini was in the perfect spot to visit a local preschool regularly. In our first location in Moree, most of what we did was focused on working with the Aboriginals and we did things there such as prepping food, delivering  food, spending time with, and having an outreach barbeque with them that included worship, skits, testimonies, and a message. Another ministry we were involved in was the renovation of a big room in the Johannesburg YWAM base we were staying in that was used for the kids as a part of the ministry they do. We also did things like worship in the park that led to evangelism & street evangelism in both South Africa & Swaziland. We did ministry going to the houses and spending time with the grandmas, mothers, and vulnerable women of Mbabane. In our time off from ministry, we would do things like hike massive hills, hike to waterfalls & swim, or go to the local markets. We even did the ropes course as a team at YWAM Swaziland. We saw God work in so many ways that continually blew our minds. Not only were the people we came in contact with affected, but we were as well. We each individually grew so much, not to mention, as a team & saw God preparing our character & hearts for a life of ministry. Even if we don’t become missionaries or go into full-time ministry, we will carry what we learned & experienced on DTS & on outreach into our homes & daily lives because our homes are our first mission field.

A New Season


I’m the type of person who likes to have their life generally planned out. I take what God has told me or called me to and fill in the rest with my ideas and plans. And sometimes God likes to mess with those plans of mine. Let me tell you of a time when He did just that. I followed God to the Gold Coast of Australia for a year to join YWAM (Youth With a Mission) to do a Music and Creative Arts Discipleship Training School for six months then a School of Worship for the remaining six months. Here I am after six months, yet there is no School of Worship. Due to various reasons, they are unable to run one at this time. My options were to return home or stay and do a program called C4CM and staff here at YWAM. Immediately God spoke to me that He wanted me to stay here in Australia. In other words, God told me to stay and do C4CM and staff. God put it on my heart to staff ever since before I even applied to come and upon arriving, He made it clear to me that this is home. I knew I would be here for a while. So this is my way of telling you all that I will be coming on as a staff member here at YWAM Gold Coast and will be here until at least April 2019 (don’t worry, I can come home and visit- Lord willing). The program I will be doing is a Certificate 4 in Christian Missions with the Worship Track. In this program, we will receive some excellent instruction on biblical leadership, have opportunities to develop our gifting as we serve others like Jesus did, and finally- be mentored and coached in a supportive Christian environment. I chose the Worship Track so I will be focusing on worship leading and the different aspects of that, as well as how to be a true worshiper of the One who truly deserves it. As far as staffing goes, I will be base staff (I’m not sure what kind of things I will be doing around the base) and I hope to staff other schools like the one I just did, as well as a School of Worship after actually participating in one. It seems that God kind of took my plans of doing the School of Worship and then staffing and rearranged them a bit. I’m fully open to His plans for me and am so excited to begin this adventure He has called me on. I would love for you to join me on this journey by continually lifting me up in prayer as well as financially supporting me if you feel led to. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting me so far in this journey, words can’t express the difference it’s making in my life and in the others around me.

The Road to Oz


I still can’t believe it. My mind can’t wrap itself around the fact that I’m moving across the globe to do what I’m passionate about. How many people are that lucky? God has taken my dreams beyond anything I could ever have even begun to imagine. A few years ago, I trusted God when He took me to go to school in Oregon. Then I followed Him to Wisconsin. I’m beginning to think that He gives me greater things each time I show Him that I can be trusted with the smaller things He has given me. This time He’s bringing me all the way to Australia! I’ll be in the air on my way to the Gold Coast of Australia in 16 days, with layovers in San Fransisco, California & Auckland, New Zealand. Besides figuring out the little things needed to do before moving to another country, I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack. I will be getting an Australian phone number after getting a local SIM card, so I will update everyone with that, as well as my new mailing address.


  • Issue-free & safe traveling
  • Preparation of heart


  • I am fully funded!