A Day in the Life, Mate


Greetings from the Gold Coast!

I have been living down under for just under 9 months already (although I was in Africa for around 2 1/2 of those months). I’ve been keeping busy with administrative, registrar, & some accounts duties around our base here. I am also part of the worship team, leading worship once a week (or more!) & everything that comes along with that. I am also hoping to staff the Music & Creative Arts Discipleship Training School in October. I realized that as many of you have an idea overall of what I am doing here on the Gold Coast, many of you have no idea what an average day looks like for me.

Every morning we start off gathering as a base, worshiping, praying, & interceding. We spend these times as a community, in the presence of God. From there we head off to our duties, which we call serving circles. With mine being administration, I spend time answering emails of those interested in Discipleship Training Schools or Mission Building (staying & volunteering at the base), hoping to stay at the base, answering phone calls, etc. A majority of our time during the week is spent doing our respective duties, although we have various time slots for class (C4CM), tracks (focus of C4CM-mine is worship), bible study, & ministry circles (also worship). Class for C4CM has a different topic each three month quarter, so right now we are having teachings on the life & ministry of Christ. Our tracks take us through teachings on the track that we have chosen, meaning that myself & the others in the worship track are going through the different aspects & facets of worship leading/worship. In our staff bible study, we are currently making our way through fear of the Lord. For me, ministry circle times are spent planning, practicing, & worshiping. Our evenings are generally filled with the ministries we do here at YWAM Gold Coast, being coffee van & beach sports (which I spoke of in my previous post).


Beach Sports ministry in Surfers Paradise

I am so blessed to have jumped right into what I love & am passionate about. I always loved music growing up, but I never imagined that God would use it in such a big way! God has been increasing my passion for worship & I look forward to doing the next upcoming School of Worship next year. God has placed in me a desire to worship Him with all that I am, bringing people into His presence, but also to make other worshipers. Joining YWAM has really enabled me to fully utilize the gifts God has given me in multiple areas.

But before that rolls around, I hope to staff our Music & Creative Arts Discipleship Training School in October. That will go from October until March, with an outreach included in that span of time.


I currently have $265 of my goal of $800 in monthly support, meaning that I am still in need of people to support me monthly or with one time amounts. If you would like to get an idea of what the support I receive go towards, take a look at my last blog post, which includes a financial breakdown. If you feel that you are to support me in any way, donations can be made on my gofundme here, directly on the YWAM website here (by selecting “staff fees” & putting my name in “reason for payment” section), or can be mailed to 19318 22nd Ave. NW Stanwood, Washington 98292.

I am so grateful for all of the ways I have been cared for & provided for by God but through the people He has set around me. I have been growing exponentially & am so blessed that I get to share this journey with you.



  • that I have $265 in monthly support
  • growth in many areas (worship leading, speaking out what God has spoken to me, & more!)
  • passed my drive test so I can drive the vans owned by the base

Prayer Requests:

  • more financial support coming in ($535 to go!)
  • for the students of the upcoming Music & Creative Arts Discipleship Training School in October (& hopefully staffing it)
  • proper rest in God & in general

More Adventures Into the Unknown

Today would be the day that I would begin my venture back to Wisconsin. Back to the place that I had called home for the past year during my schooling. Waukesha, Wisconsin. At least that was the plan I had for myself.  But that’s just the problem. The word I. These were my plans. God had a different plan. I no longer felt God’s calling keeping me there & the funds I had for returning to school were non-existent.


At this point it looks like God is taking me down a very different path. I feel Him calling me to the Gold Coast of Australia for a year. To do a year-long program called Aletheia run by Youth With a Mission [YWAM]. This program includes both a Creative Arts Discipleship Training School & a School of Worship. Each of those sub-programs have a mission trip to practically apply what was learned. This program will equip me with skills in how to use the creative arts in ministry & evangelism as well as teaching me how to lead worship in cross-cultural contexts.

I am currently living at home & working as many hours as I can in order to get the money so I can go to Aletheia, but I am not sure if that will be enough. I need prayer warriors & partners in ministry in order to confidently  run toward what God has called me to. I am fully confident that if it is God’s will for me to be there then He will provide the means to enable me to do so. I am also aware that a lot of time those means come through the Body of Christ. This endeavour is pricing in at around $14,000. That is a ton of money, but keep in mind that it covers housing, food, schooling, airfare & two mission trips (including airfare for those).

I am hoping to use the skills I acquire during my time in Australia later on in ministry as I hope to later go on to be a tribal missionary with New Tribes Mission. Wherever I end up, people need Jesus, and I will have the skills to effectively minister to them & disciple them. I will be able to use creative arts to evangelize and eventually help the tribal people worship in their own language.

For information on how to partner with me in ministry financially, please visit my page at gofund.me/lovewith0utborder

Revelation 7:9

After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.


I have attempted at seven jobs since I have been here in Waukesha going to school.


And not a single one has worked out.

From no calls back to even as far as an attempted scam on me, they have all been to no avail. With plenty of years of experience in the respective fields, I’m still left dumbfounded as to why these employment opportunities just aren’t working. It sure isn’t resulting from a lack of experience or skill.
It found me breaking down and mad at God, questioning why He would bring me this far only to send me back across the country to go home. I was out of money and out of options that were in my grasp. It was in that moment that God whispered to me, “you’ve been doing this on your own for too long”.


Up until this point, just about all of my schooling here at New Tribes Bible Institute was paid for by money I had earned from working previous to coming to school here. When you start working and paying for most of your own expenses at 14, you learn to support yourself and do it all on your own.

God had brought me to a point of complete dependence upon Him for my finances which was manifested in the support of the Body of Christ. Never in my life have I leaned so heavily on the support of my fellow believers, and even nonbelievers. This is a lesson that was going to be learned one way or another, seeing that it is such an integral part of being a missionary. I am here by the grace of God & up ’til this point it seems that this is where He wants me.


The calling that never was

Leviticus 26:4
I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.


Years ago I felt God calling me to Zambia. The thought of thousands of children left with no one to love them or care for them [after losing their parents to AIDS] set my heart on fire. I was sold. I set out to begin earning money for my trip, then I would apply once I reached the total. Upon reaching the set amount needed, I was no longer feeling called there. I was left with around $5,000 &  plenty of confusion. It sat in my savings account for the longest time. I continued to work for a good while after that, but later withdrew portions of the saved $5,000 while I was in college [Ecola Bible School] with no income. After graduating in May, I was left with about $3,200 & by that point, I was feeling called to attend New Tribes Bible Institute. Currently, I have enough money saved to pay for the first semester (half of the first year) but still have to continue to save for plane tickets/baggage, unforeseen expenses, the next semester, and so on.


God had me saving for a college I never knew I would attend.


Seeing God’s golden thread of guidance throughout my life is one of the most empowering & reassuring things. If God’s plan for me is to attend New Tribes Bible Institute, then absolutely nothing of this world can thwart that.


Romans 8:38-39

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Our God is a God of omnipotence. We are so feeble in our attempts to control our lives of mere humanness. He has so much more for us, we just need to trust Him with every aspect of our lives.



Your sovereign hand will be my guide…

I knew I had been called to be a missionary, but I had absolutely no idea where, what kind of people I would be ministering to, or even how I was going to get to that point. Up until last April, I had no idea where I was headed next. I was finishing up my first year at Ecola Bible School & I was waiting for the great unknown to call my name. We had numerous schools & organizations present at Ecola, but none seemed to call my name- or more so, God hadn’t seemed to call my name [to any] quite yet. Out of the blue I felt the urge to look over my pamphlets from New Tribes Bible Institute again & wondered if this could be for me. I looked into it & really prayed about it (a lot) then I decided to apply.


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